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 Velarka ~ Teen She-Wolf Warrior (River Redo)

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Velarka ~ Teen She-Wolf Warrior (River Redo) Empty
PostSubject: Velarka ~ Teen She-Wolf Warrior (River Redo)   Velarka ~ Teen She-Wolf Warrior (River Redo) EmptySat Apr 13, 2013 11:36 pm

(This is a redo of my other wolf River, I wasn't really happy with how her name went with her personality so I've decided to redo her form if that's okay?)

Velarka ~ Teen She-Wolf Warrior (River Redo) N7UJMss






She doesn't have a grand attitude, but she's willing to let people know she's not afraid to use her life's worth of training skills on them. However she will listen and obey those she respects. Once you have gained her trust she will protect you with her life. She's a very tough wolf, after loosing her parents and being trained to fight and survive all through puphood.




Velarka ~ Teen She-Wolf Warrior (River Redo) 359lh5f

Behind her bloodthirstiness she's actually a really pretty wolf

SṖƐƐDĪИƓ ƇΛŔS ~ ıмσɢᴇɴ нᴇᴀρ

нєяєѕ тнє ∂αу уσυ нσρє∂ ωσυℓ∂ ηєνєя cσмє
∂ση'т ƒєє∂ мє νισℓєηcє, נυѕт яυη ωιтн мє
тняσυgн яσωѕ σƒ ѕρєє∂ιηg cαяѕ
тнє ραρєя cυтѕ, тнє cнєαтιηg ℓσνєяѕ
тнє cσƒƒєє'ѕ ηєνєя ѕтяσηg єησυgн
ι кησω уσυ тнιηк ιт'ѕ мσяє тнαη נυѕт вα∂ ℓυcк

тнєяє, тнєяє, вαву
ιт'ѕ נυѕт тєχт вσσк ѕтυƒƒ
ιт'ѕ ιη тнє ABC σƒ gяσωιηg υρ
ησω, ησω, ∂αяℓιηg
σн ∂ση'т кιℓℓ уσυяѕєℓƒ
cαυѕє ησηє σƒ υѕє ωєяє αηgєℓѕ
αη∂ уσυ кησω ι ℓσνє уσυ, уєαн
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Velarka ~ Teen She-Wolf Warrior (River Redo)
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